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Our Story

With ingredients and bottles sourced in France, Les Fumées is intentional about its design and the quality of its products. Our unisex fragrances are formulated to act pheromonically, presenting differently on each individual based on their unique chemistry, making them truly one of a kind.

Meet Leah

Leah Sohr has always had an artist's eye. From her early days as a buyer and merchandiser for luxury fashion brands to more recent forays into spatial design, Leah’s keen sense of style and attention to detail has long been a hallmark of her work. These traits combined with a lifelong fascination with scent inspired her to launch Les Fumées, using ingredients and vessels sourced in France, a country whose culture inspires her work and lifestyle.

Leah and her husband Jim live in Nashville, in a home that she designed. She finds the most inspiration on trips with her four daughters. 

A Few Words From Leah

I have been mixing, sniffing and analyzing different fragrances for years. Certain scents can make me feel balanced and centered. Smell is the most underrated of all senses. I am motivated by the past, as nostalgia is very important to me. I encourage you to open up the back of your mind, see where it takes you, and listen. The story begins once you change the scent.