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Les Fumées means “through the smoke’, which is how perfumes were first recognized through signals for spiritual rituals. Scents travel through time and through the senses. The fumes can be lingering, intriguing, and mysterious, as well as sensual.

Top Notes:

These are the most volatile notes that you smell first, and they only last a few minutes. These are usually fresh, invigorating, and aromatic.

Heart Notes:

These reveal themselves when the top notes begin to diminish. The heart notes deliver the identity and the power of a perfume. They remain evident for the full life of the fragrance and last from two to four hours.

Base Notes:

These are the notes that are not very volatile with a persistent odor, made up of very heavy olfactory components. They act as fixers of the top and heart notes, thus letting the fragrance last longer. They can stay on your skin for many hours. The base notes can last from four to six hours.

Fitzpatrick theory:

The theory is based on a chemical reaction in the body depending on hormones, chemical, skin type, color, and pH. It can determine the way a fragrance presents itself on each person. Our fragrances are complex and pheromonic, and when on the skin can present differently, almost as a custom scent.


There are molecules in a fragrance that can act as chemical messengers. The arrangements of atoms create certain combinations, and the vibration each composition gives off varies on the skin.